Our Services

  • Skills development

    • Development, submissions and implementation of workplace skills plans (WSP’s)
    • Annual training reports (ATR’s)
    • Facilitation of SETA and SAQA accreditation
    • skills development levy (SDL) returns/claims
    • Learnership programmes

    Training programmes

    Management, reporting and quality assurance.

    Mentoring and Coaching programmes

    Career mapping, designing, implementing and measuring mentorship and coaching.

    Recruitment & selection

    • Job design and salary bench-marking
    • Response handling
    • Candidate screening, interviewing and short-listing
    • Background and reference checking

    Job analysis and job profiling

    Job specification design, role requirements, role descriptions.

    Psychometric assessments

    Recruitment, career advancement, performance management, promotions.

    Compensation and remuneration

    Reward, compensation, benefits, benchmarking, market trends, surveys

    Wellness and employee assistance programmes EAPs

    Absenteeism management, awareness programmes, outplacement.

    Policies and procedures

    Development, advice and revision, HR administration, employee handbooks.

    Change management and organisational design

    Employment equity, organisational effectiveness.

    HR project management

    Once-off roll out, setting up HR departments, HR audits, facilitation.